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X Ray Scanners

$_12If you are using traditional, non digital radiographs, there are two routes to sending these to us.  You can post your written referrals and include your films – we will then scan these, attach them to your referral and return them to you.

A faster and more secure way of doing this to scan your films and then use our online submission process. Scanning films is quick and easy to do and it means that you can use our PACS system for image viewing and also retain your original films.

Radiograph scanners are available from a number of suppliers, and, in some areas, we can provide these free of charge for those using the online system.

You can use this link to Amazon to purchase a scanner.

If you need to submit an extra-oral film you can post these to us for scanning – or take a photograph of the film on an appropriate lightbox.

As more and more practices move to digital radiographs the online system is adapting to make sure that we use these to best advantage – ensuring that patient exposure to ionising radiation is reduced, and that appointment times are shortened as there is less need for repeat views.

You can download software to use with our scanners below, just access the appropriate software from the links – our software works on both Mac and Windows machines.


New Integration

Our brand new referrals connector is available for new and existing API users. The system will provide full integration with R4, SoE Exact and Orthotrac and will include the ability to check the status of referrals directly from your desktop, download PDFs to store in patient notes (This will prompt you to login) and look up, via a patient’s name their previous referrals and their status.

The application automatically updates so you always have the latest version and does not require the use of Word or any plugins. You can install and be running in less than five minutes.

If you are using Software 4 Dentists they have integrated with our system as well, you will require an API key. Please contact them for assistance with installing and using this function. Images of their integrator can be found here

The API is fully integrated with Pearl’s newer system PearlDental and partially with their old system PearlPlus. Please contact Pearl directly for information on utilising it, or click here.

iSmile have developed an integrator that works directly from their software. Details of how to activate and use this can be found here 

(Please note you will still require an API key from the referral management centre to activate this).

Software Integration 

You can now export demographic information from your practice software to the referral system.  This system also enables submission without the need to login or enter passwords.

You can see a video of how the system works, at the bottom of this page.

In order to use the system, you must already be signed up for our online service (if not do it here), and then simply complete the form below to get a unique API key that you can use to get started.

PLEASE NOTE: The API key and instructions will be sent to the username email address only

  • Please note that we do not currently support Software for Dentists, or SOE Examine Pro but are working on these integrations.

PLEASE NOTE: SOE Version 12.11 and above (Both GA and E versions), utilises an encrypted database that our app cannot access. We are working with SOE to resolve this. At current time we do not have a solution to this issue. You can still refer using the online system but it is not possible to use the integration. Once this is available again we will send a message to your dashboard and update this page.

We hope to get your API to you within 48 hours of your application.  We will email you a PDF document with all the information you need as well as the links to download the software. Please check your junk and spam folder for this email.

We are working on connectors with other software manufacturers, which will be available shortly.

Please read the instructions fully and follow them step-by-step, should you have any issues please email us at the referral centre.


Desktop Integrator from PatientComms

A short video showing how the new integration system links your patient demographics into the referral system - without the need to login.

Integration within Pearl Software

A short video showing the built in integration with Pearl Software for dental referrals. The video is best viewed in full screen - just press the logo in the bottom right.

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